Still looking for the best Christmas present?
Feeling the need of a posh item that will make your flat/mansion/teepee/caravan a much stylish place?
Intrigued by the idea of getting a different donkey every month, for 12 months?
Look no further, here’s the Concorto Film Festival (much awaited) 2016 calendar. Limited edition, with 12 illustrations + cover realized by the much appreciated and talented artist Wipa/Giulia Ripa, the calendar will be out on the 10th of December.

You will find it at Alphaville (via del Tempio, 50, Piacenza), at Libreria Fahrenheit (via Legnano, 4, Piacenza) or by sending us an email at
The calendar is a way to support Concorto and to allow us to improve the festival, thanks to all those who will spend a whole year with us (and our donkeys)!

Concorto Film Festival informs you

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