59 secondi (59 Seconds) by Mauro Carraro, Switzerland/France, ITALIAN PREMIERE

A casa mia (At My Home), by Mario Piredda, Italy

Across My Land, by Fiona Godivier, USA/France, ITALIAN PREMIERE

A Gentle Night, by Tang Qiu, China, ITALIAN PREMIERE

All My Happy Friends, by Paul Howard Allen, UK

Calamity, by Maxime Feyers and Séverine De Streyker, Belgium, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Ce qui échappe (The Elusive), by Ely Chevillot, Belgium, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Copa-Loca, by Christos Massalas, Greece, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Dadyaa (Dadyaa – The Woodpeckers of Rotha), by Bibhusan Basnet and Pooja Gurung, Nepal/France

Dekalb Elementary, by Reed Van Dyk, USA, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Einstein-Rosen, by Olga Osorio, Spain

Fatima Marie Torres And The Invasion Of Space Shuttle Pinas 25, by Carlo Francisco Manatad, Philippines, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Giraffe, by Janne Schmidt, Netherlands, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Green Screen Gringo, by Douwe byjkstra, Netherlands/Brasil

Guillaume à la dérive (Guillaume Drifting), by Sylvain byeuaide, France,

Gure hormek (Our Walls), by Maria Elorza and Maider Fernández, Spain

Helga är I lund (Helga is in Lund), by Thelya Petraki, Greece

Inconvenient Comfort, by Ádám Fillenz, Netherlands/Hungary, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Jamie, Christopher Manning, UK

Kukista ja mehiläisistä (About the Birds and the Bees), by J.J. Vanhanen, Finland

Kukuschka, by Dina Velikovskaya, Russia

La viaggiatrice (A Traveling Girl), by Davide Vigore, Italy

Le phénomène de Raynaud (Raynaud’s Phenomenon) by Lionel Nakache, France, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Le plombier (The Plumber), by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi and Xavier Séron, Belgium/France

Les Légendaires, by Vincent Le Port, France, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Mon homme (Poulpe), by Stephanie Cadoret, France, ITALIAN PREMIERE

My mamma is bossies (My Mum’s Bonkers), by Naomi van Niekerk, South Africa

Néboa (Fog), by Claudia Costafreda, Spain, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Notes on Monstropedia, by Koji Yamamur, Japan

Point and Shoot, by Thomas Leisten, USA, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Pouvez-vous boiter? (Limp Like That), by Petra Szocs, France/Hungary, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Railment, by Shunsaku Hayashi, Japan

Ruah, by Flurin Giger, Switzerland

Sigismond Sans Images, by Albéric Aurtenèche, Canada, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Stella, Massimiliano D’Epiro, Italy

Stone on Stone, by Mohsen Serjian and Marzieh Hakim, Iran

The Dark of Night, by Robin Wright, USA, ITALIAN PREMIERE

The Kid, by Paweł Podolski, Poland, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Tühi ruum (Empty Space), by Ülo Pikkov, Estonia

Un état d´urgence (State of Emergency), by Tarek Roehlinger, Germany/France

United Interest, by Tim Weinmann, Germany

Uomo in mare (Overboard), by Emanuele Palamara, Italy

Valparaiso, by Carlo Sironi, Italy

We the others, Nikos Gkoulios, Greece, ITALIAN PREMIERE

Where did it all start?, by J. Tobias Anderson, Sweden, WORLD PREMIERE

Whoever Was Using This Bed, by Andrew Kotatko, Australia

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