Documentary screening AL DI LÀ DEL MARE

Documentary screening
AL DI LÀ DEL MARE (Over The Sea)
directed by Tomas Sheridan
produced by Associazione Concorto and Polifilm Media
with the support of Assemblea Legislativa Emilia Romagna, Consulta degli Emiliano Romagnoli nel mondo and Comune di Pontenure

WHEN: 07.12.2019 at 9 p.m.
Free entrance

This is not the first time that Concorto engaged in an audio-visual production, thereby going beyond the line that divides promotion from actual film production. “Al di là del mare” is a film that renews the collaboration already established with the Consulta degli Emiliano Romagnoli nel mondo in 2017 with the project “El Cine es un puente”, an initiative that allowed us to explore the close ties linking Italy and Argentina.

With “Al di là del mare” we tried to go further, proposing a journey that could provide a series of direct testimonies on what emigration was like during the difficult post-war period, as well as a more universal view on the concept of belonging.

Very often stories are born from other stories as if each narrative had the ability to multiply and give birth to new tales, new life stories. In our case, the story from which everything originates was that of the Borsari expeditions, namely the two journeys the ship Genova embarked on in 1948 and in 1949, with which hundreds of Italians (many from Emilia Romagna) arrived in a land that defines itself at the end of the world: Patagonia in its southernmost area, precisely in Ushuaia.

However, once they are born, stories live their own life and our film pursued the same path, taking its own form through the stories of the many people we met and who wanted to share with us their memories and their hopes.

The narrative framework that gives life to our project is that of the journey: on the one hand the very long journey that those hopeful Italians undertook in 1948, on the other hand, the one we made only a month ago, following the footsteps of memory, which led us too to the end of the world. Itself the documentary “Al di là del mare” is nothing more than a journey in the human soul, a journey made through the memories and aspirations of people who have chosen (or had to choose) to leave their country to seek another place in the world.

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