Venues 2017

Parco Raggio and Greenhouse

The impressive Concorto main venue was built thanks to Armando Raggio, from Genova, that established Pontenure as summer residence for his family at the end of the XIX century. The project by architect Luigi Rovelli included a big villa, a park (about 5 hectares, with 750 trees, a little bamboo forest, an ice-house), and a victorian-style greenhouse.
The greenhouse complex is formed by a side building used as house or deposit, and a main part with a small theatre surronded by two greenhouse wings.
The greenhouses are rectangular and were used for a orchid collection (left) and exotic flowers (right). Other smaller greenhouses surround the two main ones.
The small theatre has a iron and glass roof with neo-gothic decorations. In the inside, albeit small, it has a stage, a proscenium and a parterre. The theatre was used for family celebrations and performances on specific anniversaries.

Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli

The imposing neoclassical mansion dominates the S. Martino in Foro square, the old roman forum of the city in close proximity to via Roma (the original decumanus of Piacenza). Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli was originally inhabited by the De Magistris Pisone family and later by the Ghizzoni family from Ponte dell’Olio; they decided to restore and redesign the building with the help of architect Giuseppe Pavesi in 1839. The palace is a three storey building, with a scenographic entrance that enhances the garden perspective. A beautifully-carved iron gate follows a heavy wooden door; a second gate, with the family coat of arms, opens into the garden. In here, a neo-doric greenhouse shapes the green area and closes the perimeter of the Palazzo. The greenhouse structure is shaped by 6 arched windows and neo-doric columns with trabeation. In Piacenza, Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli is one of the few remaining mansions with this beautiful scenographic structure.

Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery

The Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery in Piacenza is entirely dedicated to Modern Art paintings.
In 1913 Giuseppe Ricci Oddi, a keen art collector from Piacenza, started looking for a building for his modern art collection. After many unsuccessful negotiations, he decided to have his own gallery built from scratch. For this purpose, Piacenza Town Council granted him the piece of land where the former S.Siro convent used to stand. Starting from 1924-1925, famous architect Giulio Ulisse Arata accepted to take on the building project.
The Ricci Oddi building is a peculiar and unique example of museum architecture in which a complex structure marries geometrical essentiality and brilliant functional choices such as the natural zenithal lighting, an idea that the founder strongly advocated, as he imagined his gallery to have elements in common with renaissance buildings. The gallery opening ceremony, on October 11, 1931, was attended by King Umberto II and Queen Maria Jose. Today, the gallery hosts over 400 works of art.

Spazio EN

EN is the japanese concept of edge, threshold. It is the space that connects the inside and the outside, a starting point for relationships and exchanges. EN Collective Laboratory is a space for creation, open to many different way to perceive and represent the world. EN wants to inspire and involve its community and its territory (it is located in Via Maddalena 29/a in Piacenza) in new creative experiences.
The themes at the core of EN’s research are:

– landscape, in all its shapes: narrations, pictures, memories;
– different ways to conceive and live in domestic and urban spaces;
– books as objects, as communication tools, as works of art, as symbols;
– pictures in motion, videos;
– childhood as a time and place to discover  images and to explore the space surrounding us.

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