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Concorto Film Festival is an international short film event that was born in 2002 in Pontenure, a town just outside Piacenza.

Concorto was born as a retrospective and ended up transforming into a full-fledged festival. The starting group of organizers expanded to include many new collaborators, and the staff gave itself a more structured organization, founding Associazione Concorto, which from then on would take care of the management and promotion of the festival, as well as various other supporting initiatives, including educational ones.

From its first edition, Concorto has seen submissions increase from 72 to over 3.500, and the call for submissions is now open to short films from all over the world.

Concorto’s identity evolved over the years, the festival grew international and more and more committed to research and to select the best short films around the world.

Every year, at the end of August, the festival is held in a beautiful open-air park arena, where the audience can meet authors, and a professional jury (critics, directors, photographers, actors) awards the first prize (Asino d’Oro) to the winner of the main competition.

Concorto is also part of the Italian team at the world most prestigious short films meeting (Clermont-Ferrand) and has tied partnerships with a number of international festivals (Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Interfilm Berlin, Short Waves Poznan).

Concorto had the honour to host in its main competition the work of many directors such as Denis Villeneuve, Werner Herzog, Pippo Delbono, Ben Rivers, Ruben Ostlund, James Franco, Ariane Labed, Chloe Sevigny, Laura Bispuri, Antonio Piazza, and Fabio Grassadonia. Notable members of past juries include Daniele Ciprì, Maya Vitkova, Teho Teardo, photographers Jacopo Benassi, Monika Bulaj and Tano D’Amico, and film critic Neil Young.

ARTISTIC DIRECTION: Simone Bardoni, Claudia Praolini
ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGERS: Davide Rossi, Virginia Carolfi, Johnny Shock
PROGRAMMERS: Corinna Baldini, Simone Bardoni, Enrica Carini, Virginia Carolfi, Margherita Fontana, Chiara Ghidelli, Chiara Granata, Vanessa Mangiavacca, Francesca Marchesini, Virginia Marcolini, Claudia Praolini, Johnny Shock
SPONSORSHIP, MEDIA, PRESS OFFICE: Virginia Carolfi, Simone Bardoni, Daccapo Comunicazione, Francesca Marchesini
GUEST MANAGER, VOLUNTEERS AND WORKSHOPS: Virginia Carolfi, Chiara Ghidelli, Margherita Fontana, Vanessa Mangiavacca, Angelica Mori, Johnny Shock
MEDIA MANAGER and WEBSITE: Alice Capitani, Chiara Granata
HEAD OF INDUSTRY: Vanessa Mangiavacca
FILM EDUCATION: Chiara Granata, Claudia Praolini, Daniele Signaroldi
CONCEPT 2024: Elisa Seitzinger
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND PARCO RAGGIO DESIGN: Davide Giacobbi, Alberto Fontanella, Davide Morelli, Associazione KULT


Fotografie delle 10 programmatrici e 2 programmatori di Concorto