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57 films / 2 world premieres / 9 international premieres / 3 european premieres / 18 italian premieres

60 Primaveras (60 Candles), by Ana Guevara & Leticia Jorge, Uruguay, 11′, EUROPEAN PREMIERE
A Single Life, by Job, Joris & Marieke, Netherlands, 2′
A World for Her, by Carolina Petro, UK, 18′, WORLD PREMIERE
Alles wird gut (Everything Will Be Ok), by Patrick Vollrath, Germany, 30′
Almost not Beautiful, by Sarah Jean Kruchowski, USA, 13′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Asa, la Strega e il Bosco (Asa, the Witch and the Woods), by Sophie Vitelli, Italy, 15′, WORLD PREMIERE
Aubade, by Mauro Carraro, Switzerland, 5′
Bache (The Baby), by Ali Asgari, Iran/Italy, 16′
Bär (Bear), by Pascal Flörks, Germany, 8′
Bloodhound, by Tommaso Landucci, Italy, 19′
Coach, by Ben Adler, France, 14′
De Smet, by Thomas Baerten & Wim Geudens, Belgium, 15′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Detours, by Nico Bonomolo, Italy, 3′
Dødstrilogien (The Death Trilogy), by Søren Grau, Denmark, 17′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
DogMe, by Faezeh Nikoozad, Germany, 6′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Feux (Fire), by Mali Arun, France, 14′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Figura (Figure), by Katarzyna Gondek, Poland, 9′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Ghost Cell, by Antoine Delacharlery, France, EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Hollow Road, by Drew Pautz, UK, 15′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
In The Distance, by Florian Grolig, Germany, 8′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Inspection, by Gala Sukhanova, Russia, 16′
Interior. Familia., by Gerard Quinto, Spain, 9′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Jag Följer Dig (I Follow You), by Jonatan Etzler, Sweden, 3′, EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Jeunesse de loups-garous (Monsters Turn into Lovers), by Yann Delattre, France, 22′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
L’offre (The Offer), by Moira Pitteloud, Switzerland, 22′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
La Flèche Delta, by Francesco Vecchi, France, 9′
La valigia (The Suitcase), by Pier Paolo Paganelli, Italy, 15′
Le rêve de Bailu (Bailu Dream), by Nicolas Boone, France/China, 12′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Love is Blind, by Dan Hodgson, UK, 6′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa (We Can’t Live Without Cosmos), by Konstantin Bronzit, Russia, 15′
Monaco, by David Easteal, Australia, 13′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Numb, by Ana Tortos, UK, 8′
One Minute Art History, by Shu Cao, China, 1′, INTERNATIONALE PREMIERE
Operation Rising Tusk, by Johannes Engelhardt, Germany, 5′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Papa dans maman (Dad in Mum), by Fabrice Bracq, France, 6′
Père (Father), by Lotfi Achour, Tunisia/France, 18′
Pineapple Calamari, by Kasia Nalewajka, UK, 9′
Quintal (Backyard), by André Novais Oliveira, Brazil, 20′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Ramona, by Andrei Cretulescu, Romania, 20′
Roadtrip, by Xaver Xylophon, Germany, 22′
Sailor’s Grave (Sailor’s Grave), Collective creation, Spagna, 5′
Se essa lua fosse minha (Moon Street), by Larissa Lewandoski & Pedro Gossler, Brazil, 15, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Seuraava taso (Next Level), by Aino Suni, Finland, 10′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Si jamais nous devons disparaître ce sera sans inquiétude mais en combattant jusqu’à la fin (If We Ever Have to Disappear, It Will Be Without Disquiet But We Will Fight Until The End), by Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, 15′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Small People with Hats, by Sarina Nihei, UK, 7′
Sonambulo (Sleepwalker), by Theodore Ushev, Canada, 4′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
The Bravest, the Boldest, by Moon Molson, USA, 17′
Tisina Mujo (Quiet Mujo), by Ursula Meier, Switzerland/France/Bosnia, 11′
Unwanted Desires, by Aleksandra Szmida, Poland, 4′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Varicella (Chickenpox), by Fulvio Risuleo, Italy, 14′
Verão Polonês (Polish Summer), by André Mielnik, Brazil, 19′, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Vicenta, by Carla Valencia, Ecuador, 6′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Waves ’98, by Ely Dagher, Lebanon, 15′
When I Get Home, by Aldemar Matias, Cuba, 15′, ITALIAN PREMIERE
Who Wants to Be The Wolf??, by Shahrbanoo Sadat, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE
Yaar, by Simon Gillard, Belgium, 20′
Yellow Fieber, by Konstantina Kotzamani, Greece, 17′, ITALIAN PREMIERE



Futile Garden, by Ghazaleh Soltani, Iran, 19′
More Than Two Hours, by Ali Asgari, Iran, 15′
My Last Child, by Pouria Siminpour, Iran, 13′
Tehran-Geles, by Arash Nassiri, France/Iran, 18′
The Fish and I, by Babak Habibifar, Iran, 5′

Baobab, by Nicolas Loesner, Anaëlle Moreau, Marina Steck, Simon Taroni, Benjamin Tron, France, 2012, 7′
Beast, by Cyril Bossmann, Pauline Menigot, Manon Grabette, Karim Hafa, Hadrien Ottevaere, France, 2014, 8′
Bendito Machine V, by Jossie Malis, Spain, 2014, 12′
Chaude Lapin, by Alexis Magaud, Soline Béjuy, Maël Berreur, Géraldine Gaston, Flora Andrivon, France, 2014, 5′
Le Labyrinthe, by Mathieu Labaye, France, 2013, 9′
Leucotopia, by Mehdi Louala, Geoffrey Godet, Nicolas Lejeune, Céline Hermann, Simon Legrand, France, 2013, 8′
Lonely Bones, by Rosto, France/Netherlands, 2013, 10′
Sahara, by Jérémie Faé, Arthur Morin, Georgia Noël Wolinski, Laure Petrini, Caroline Tarrago, France, 2014, 8′
The Race, by Michaël Le Meur, France, 2015, 15′
Ulysse, by Hugo Bodoukian Meyrant, Martin Chabannes, Anne Labadie, Candice Theuillon, France, 2013, 8′

Archipels, granites dénudés, by Daphné Hérétaki, France/Greece, 26′
Cavalier Seul, by Mathilde Delunay, France, 20′
Kiss me not, by Inès Loizillon, France, 28′
Sillon 672, by Bastien Dupriez, France, 5′
Vous voulez une histoire, by Antonin Peretjatko, France, 10′

8 Balles (8 Bullets), by Frank Ternier, France,13′
Chulyen, Histoire de Corbeau (Chulyen, a Crow’s Tale), by Agnès Patron, France, 20′
Dissonance, by Till Nowak, Germany, 15′
Galau (A Man at Sea), by Sandeep Ray, USA, 14′
Hot Nasty Teen, by Jens Assur, Sweden, 40′
I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining, by Jesse McLean, USA, 14′
Jag Vill Na Dig (I Turn to You), by Victor Lindgren, Sweden, 16′
Kaantopaikka (Turnaround), by Aino Suni, Finland, 9′
Killer?, by David White, New Zealand, 9′
L’Archéologue, l’Archive et les Alchimistes (The Archaeologist, the Archive and the Alchemists), by Maxime Fuhrer, Belgium, 20′
Last Train Home, by Ansgar Glatt, Germany, 19′
Panorama, by Gianluca Abbate, Italy, 7′
Recycling, by Paola Bristot, Italy, 14′
Ser e Voltar (To Be and To Come Back), by Xacio Bano, Spain, 14′
Share (Share), by Pippa Bianco, USA, 11′
Symphony n. 42, by Reka Busci, Hungary, 10′
Territoire (Territory), by Vincent Paronnaud, France, 23′
That Day of the Month, by Jirassaya Wongsutin, Thailand, 30′
The Bigger Picture, by Daisy Jacobs, UK, 8′
They Call Us the Enemy, by Pim Zwier, Netherlands, 7′