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Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli

The imposing neoclassical mansion dominates the S. Martino in Foro square, the old roman forum of the city in close proximity to via Roma (the original decumanus of Piacenza). Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli was originally inhabited by the De Magistris Pisone family and later by the Ghizzoni family from Ponte dell’Olio; they decided to restore and redesign the building with the help of architect Giuseppe Pavesi in 1839. The palace is a three storey building, with a scenographic entrance that enhances the garden perspective. A beautifully-carved iron gate follows a heavy wooden door; a second gate, with the family coat of arms, opens into the garden. In here, a neo-doric greenhouse shapes the green area and closes the perimeter of the Palazzo. The greenhouse structure is shaped by 6 arched windows and neo-doric columns with trabeation. In Piacenza, Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli is one of the few remaining mansions with this beautiful scenographic structure.