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The impressive Concorto main venue was built thanks to Armando Raggio, from Genova, that established Pontenure as summer residence for his family at the end of the XIX century. The project by architect Luigi Rovelli included a big villa, a park (about 5 hectares, with 750 trees, a little bamboo forest, an ice-house), and a victorian-style greenhouse. The greenhouse complex is formed by a side building used as house or deposit, and a main part with a small theatre surronded by two greenhouse wings. The greenhouses are rectangular and were used for a orchid collection (left) and exotic flowers (right). Other smaller greenhouses surround the two main ones. The small theatre has a iron and glass roof with neo-gothic decorations. In the inside, albeit small, it has a stage, a proscenium and a parterre. The theatre was used for family celebrations and performances on specific anniversaries.