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Emilia Romagna Film Festival Net is a network of people involved in the production of culture and committed to promoting cinema and audiovisual works in the Emilia-Romagna region. As conceived by the founding festivals (Concorto Film Festival, Reggio Film Festival, Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest, Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival, and YoungAbout Film Festival), SHORTer turns its attention to the rich production of short films in the Region and aims to promote regional works, authors, and productions, without excluding anyone basing on genre, category or format.
Right now the network is made up by the following festivals: Amarcort(Rimini); Animare Cartoon Film Festival (Forlì); Ce l’ho Corto (Bologna); Concorto (Pontenure, PC);Iranfest (Forlì); Malatesta (Cesena, FC); Mente Locale (Valsamoggia, BO); Nightmare (Ravenna);Not Film Fest(Santarcangelo, RN); Porretta Cinema (Porretta Terme, BO); Reggio Film Festival (Reggio Emilia); Sedicicorto (Forlì, FC); Young About (Bologna); Visioni Fantastiche (Ravenna);Visioni Italiane (Bologna).
GOLDer Short is an award that will be given by SHORTer to the 5 best short films from Emilia Romagna produced in 2020. The members of the network took into account all the shorts produced by authors living in Emilia-Romagna, or coming from Emilia-Romagna, and selected a shortlist of 37 titles. Then five short films were nominated, namely the winners of the GOLDer award.