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Asino d’Oro (Golden Donkey, first prize)
The natural death of a mouse
Dir. Katharina Huber



Following the logic of a dream, thus the logic of non-logic, this amazingly complex animated work excited us with its freshness and confidence. With grandiose symbols of our collective unconscious merging with the hyper-personal neuroses of our own unconscious, with natural landscapes acting as the backdrop for an animated run, with archival imagery popping up before or after an anxiety attack, Huber managed to discuss in a unique way true existential queries, and at the same time underline the importance of mental health.


Jury Grand Prix
Dir. Marie Larrivé



When the force of nature unlocks a secret from the past, it forces an estranged father and daughter to reconnect and see each other in a different light. This gorgeously animated short film blends naturalism with nostalgic beauty and melancholic symbolism, which opens up a whole different world through its character’s gazes. The Hopperian watercolour paintings bring Napoli sceneries to life, allowing heavy themes such as parental abuse and death to breathe in this heartfelt and tender family portrait.

Special mention
Dir. Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis



This dramatic documentary story of the attack at the Maalbeek metro station in Brussels takes a subject matter dealt with the power of memory and the amnesia experience, and gives a new perspective of someone living through it. A hybrid animation concept interweaving archival images with 3D animation engages and takes the viewer through the different reality layers to explore trauma, memory and grief.


Young Jury Special Award L’ONDA
I’m afraid to forget your face

Sameh Alaa



For having successfully portrayed both a personal and a political-cultural drama in a poetic, lucid and intimate way.


Young jury Special Mention
Wenn ich tanze, wackelt die Welt (Quando ballo la terra trema)
Otto Reuschel



For the innovative approach thanks to which the viewer can dive into Berlin’s crossroad of cultures, suspended between reality and fiction.


Young Jury Special Mention
Marie Larrivè



For the technical expertise and ability to move with which the female director succeeds to create an enigmatic and evocative atmosphere.


Audience Award