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Monday August 24th, 11.45 pm, Parco Raggio, Pontenure (PC)

Circoloquadro was born in 2010 in Milan in order to give a real place to artists, intellectuals and all those who love the many forms of contemporary art. Circoloquadro is a place, a laboratory in which contemporary art is expressed and conveyed to the public. Circoloquadro operates in two main fields: the organization of exhibitions by young and emerging artists, the organizations of workshops and meetings dedicated to artistic education. 

The collaboration with Concorto Film Festival is a natural consequence of Circoloquadro’s predisposition to sharing and contaminating different art forms, including video-art. Circoloquadro presents Stefano Cozzi, a young London-based artist. Cozzi’s work emerges because of its inner care and attention for details that, nonetheless, melt together in a fully comprehensible and clear product.
Cozzi’s videos narrate today’s social and political reality and show a mature and quite personal vision of society.

Stranded – Stories From a Time of Stillness (Stefano Cozzi)
31’14’’, colour, 2015

In spring 2010, during Eyjafjallajökull eruption, an ash cloud coming from the Icelandic volcano caused the collapse of the international air traffic control. Kenya’s floriculturists couldn’t send their flowers to Europe: after a political crisis and a time of drought, this could be the final blow for their floral industry. At the same time, the New Zealand King Salmon Company got benefits from this sudden change in the world food trade, while Juraj Hegyi and Zuzana Marcekova, from Slovakia, got married in Taiwan.  Stranded – Stories From a Time of Stillness tells us about all these stories, asking questions about today’s production and reproduction techniques and depicts something no longer familiar to us: the act of waiting.