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By Rael Montecucco

For the fifth year in a row the Concorto Film Festival is including in its programme the Deep Night section, which is dedicated to a most bizarre genre of cinema. It started in 2016 as a showcase for horror and thriller short films, but through the years Deep Night has increasingly opened its doors to the fantasy genre, presenting surreal and grotesque comedies and crazy animations, always with the same purpose: to impress the spectator.
Deep Night could be defined as the midnight séance par excellence, as its aim is to recreate a mixture of fun, shock and wonder which is typical of the 1970s New York midnight movies screenings. The three sessions of the Deep Night section will take place at the Serra di Parco Raggio and, as is customary, meetings and interviews with Italian and international authors will be held (last year’s edition of Deep Night hosted short films from 11 different countries). It is an event that all lovers of horror and unconventional movies simply cannot miss, as it is set to become, once again, one of the most exciting moments of the Concorto Film Festival 2020.

“THE DEVIL’S HARMONY” by Dylan Holmes Williams, UK, 2019
“FARCE” by Robin Jensen, Norway, 2019
“VALERIO’S DAY OUT” by Michael Arcos, USA, 2019
“THE HISTORY OF NIPPLES” by Bailey Tom Bailey, UK, 2019
“HEAT” by Thessa Meijer, Netherlands, 2019
“NORTEÑOS” by grandmas, UK, 2019
“THE DREAMER” by Kenneth Karlstad, Norway, 2019
“THE DEEPEST HOLE” by Matt McCormick, USA, 2020
“THE STRZYGON AND HOW TO DEAL WITH HIM” by Kajetan Obarski, Poland, 2019
“SHHHH” by Jonathan Mordechay, Israel, 2019
“HAND IN HAND” by Ennio Ruschetti, Switzerland, 2019
“VASPY” by Hweiling Ow, New Zealand, 2019
“MARY, MARY, SO CONTRARY” by Nelson Yeo, Singapore, 2019
“CHANGELING” by Faye Jackson, UK, 2019
“OUT OF TUNE” by Aaron With, Mexico, 2019
“TOMORROW I WILL BE DIRT” by Robert Morgan, UK, 2019