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Curated by Carlotta Magistris

Music has always been a part of a human being’s soul: either as an intimate personal shelter or as a collective dance, as liberation or as personal and social emancipation, music has historically played a fundamental role in the development of one’s identity. Making music, living music is an essential background in life that brings joy, sorrow and blurred feelings that take shape and create stories of life that need to be told. From coming-of-age narratives where music plays a leading role in one’s self-affirmation, to musical expressions with the power of evolution of a cultural identity, the thematic selection of Music Riot focuses on the density of these music-people relationships across countries and historical and social eras and reflects on its own communicative power and its own ability to create macro and micro-universes of emancipation from oneself, others and one’s daily reality.

In collaboration with Seeyousound International Music Festival.

Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time, Kristoffer Borgli, Usa, 2019
Journey Through A Body, Camille Degeye, France, 2019
Lonely Souls (Strange Love), Taz Tron Delix, Uk, 2017
Rise, Barbara Wagner, Benjamin De Burca, Canada / Brazil, 2019
Trapped In The City, David Verbeek, Netherlands / China, 2018
Zombies, Baloji, Belgium / Democratic Republic Of Congo, 2019

Videoclip – Seeyousound
DANCERS, Rick Farin, UK, 2019 – Official music video for “Dancers” by Plaid
LA CHANSON (The Song), Tiphaine Raffier, France, 2018
LONLEY FEELINGS, Simon Schmitt, France, 2019 – Official music video for Lonely Feelings” by Love Supreme
QUARANTINE, Astrid Goldsmith, UK, 2018
MOTHER, Ben Strebel, UK, 2019 – Official music video for “Mother” by The Hour