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Giovanna Lopalco aka Pelo di cane exhibition

18th-24th August 2019
Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, Vicolo Serafini 12,
Free entry
Opening: Sunday 18th August, 6 pm
Opening hours: 19th-24th August, 11 am – 7:30 pm

TT tenero terribile.
Recalling a project born in 2018 which saw, within in the frame of Concorto Film Festival, an exhibition hosting the works of some artists who have over the years interpreted the Concorto poster, the current 2019 edition of the Piacenza Festival does not miss the opportunity of bringing cinema and visual arts together, thanks to an exhibition starring Giovanna Lopalco aka Pelo di cane, that is to say, the author of this 18th edition poster.
Pelo di cane presents at Concorto a personal exhibition entitled TT tenero terribile (tender terrible, NdT): a collection of illustrations, which portray botanical and animal subjects, painted on azulejos (tiles) and paper. Giovanna (or Pelo di cane) creates these pieces of art in the attempt of escaping self-censorship and deceiving graphic stereotypes which are often left in the hands of the illustrator. These are spontaneous and unplanned works, which are shaped by thoughtlessness, memory and a personal interpretation of nature. TT tenero terribile nearly goes as far as creating a sort of bestiary, in small-format, almost always square-shaped, in paper and ceramic, all of which in the evocative setting of the Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli garden, right in the heart of Piacenza.
Giovanna Lopalco was born in 1982 in a small town in Salento. The first thing she ever painted was her dog, when she was just five years old. She remembers that her dog hair was too black and white and thus needed a touch of colour. It may sound like a cliché, but she remembers herself always having her pencils in her hands or by a dog. After having studied 2D Animation at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, she specialized in pre-production and concept art and since 2009 she has been working as background artists for several European productions.
Under the pseudonym “Pelo di Cane” she started developing a personal language which gives life to personal projects related to illustration and animation. Her universe is naïf and surrealistic, inhabited by animals and bizarre characters. Her works are spontaneous and leave room for errors, as they are sometimes born from a stain or an ink smudge.
Since 2011 she lives in Spain, Galicia, where she manages to balance her work in animation and as author/illustrator.