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Photo workshop with Tano D’Amico
26-27th August, Piacenza

An intensive workshop to discover how images make history, or viceversa. How can pictures modify the society? What is the real power of pictures and photos? Can an event with no visual representation have a real impact on the history of men?
Tano D’Amico, in a very provocative way, states that “pictures are mere compositions of ink, paper, colors, celluloid. They are powerful because the viewer makes them alive”.

Cost: 100 euro
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Tano D’Amico

I still trust pictures; a picture has a life of its own, it’s a human being, once the world sees it, it lives forever.” Tano D’Amico

Tano D’Amico is an Italian photographer. His pictures are all characterized by a unique and peculiar view of the world, an eye for the right moment, for the unusual that lingers in everyday’s life. He began his career in 1968, following the “student revolution” in Italy. He travelled around the world, shooting photos in the USA, in Greece during the Regime of Colonels, in Chiapas, Bosnia, Somalia and many times in Palestine.  His pictures tell us about factory workers, feminists, miners, gipsies, unemployed people; Tano shows us what happens in asylums, in refugee camps, prisons, in places where human dignity seems forgotten. His photos, always in black and white, tell us a different story, something that goes deeper than mere chronicle; these people with no power are portrayed with a closeness that brings us all at the same level.

Publications: Con il cuore negli occhi. Fotografie dell’Italia quotidiana 1972 – 1982, Palestina, un popolo,  Una storia di donne. Il movimento al femminile dal ’70 agli anni no global, La dolce ala del dissenso. Figure e volti oltre i cliché della violenza, È il ’77, Il Giubileo nero degli zingariDi cosa sono fatti i ricordi. Tempo e luce di un fotografo di strada.