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This year’s poster has been crafted by USA-Canadian artist Nolan Pelletier, who has concocted an imaginative donkey that flies over the sun.

The XIII Arcana has finally been unveiled: after centuries of silence and oceans of time, the hidden arcana now comes to life, the symbol of the impossible-possible: the flying donkey. Ideally floating between the earth and the sky, the fire of the sun and the water of the ocean, Pelletier’s illustration is a receptacle of symbols, details, echoes of ancient civilisations that together compose our archetypes. The flying donkey, the paradigm of all impossible things, crosses the sun with donkey-style aplomb, inviting us to imitate Icarus without its tragic allure, to break all bonds of mind and imagination. And us, born under the sign of the XXIII Arcana, will keep on pushing the limits of our imagination, will always look beyond the usual, the ordinary, the contingent.

Nolan Pelletier is a freelance illustrator and designer from Connecticut who currently resides in Toronto. He shares a mint green Victorian house with his wife, illustrator Kaley McKean, and their Maine Coon cat, Snoopy. As a lifelong collector of antiques and printed ephemera, Nolan takes inspiration from an eclectic array of historical influences. His colourful artwork combines a modern design sense with the detailed decorative motifs of other eras. When he’s not working on client work, he’s obsessively trawling flea markets and eBay for vintage graphic design books, tending to his allotment garden, or working on his illustrated newspaper, The Somnolent Garden Rambler.

His work has been featured in New Yorker, New York Times, Anna Sui, Smithsonian, Print, New Republic, PlanSponsor, Village Voice, New York Magazine, Anorak, Boston Globe, Brown University, Jamie, the Walrus, Notre Dame, Cricket, the Globe and Mail, National Post, and some others.

Nolan Pelletier will hold a solo exhibition during Concorto 2020, in the secret garden of Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli; opening date: August, the 23rd 2020.