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Supported by the Giovani Progetti initiative and organized by Margherita Fontana, Virginia Carolfi and the whole Gruppo Giovani Concorto, we are proud to present:
“Ménilmontant” (1926) by Dimitri Kirsanoff
With live musical accompaniment by Cinestesia
December the 21st | Giardini Sonori, Stradone Farnese 41 – Piacenza
9.30 pm | Free Entrance
Celebrating Short Film Day – The shortest day of the year, International Short Film Day

Often described very accurately as “a perfect fusion between French Impressionism, avant-garde Surrealism, Soviet montage and Hollywood pathos”, Dimitri Kirsanoff’s Ménilmontant (1926) represents the extent to which silent cinema could reach as a means of dramatic storytelling.
With revolutionary editing techniques that preceded many future projects, such as the double exposure, Ménilmontant is primarily notorious for having no intertitles explaining the story. It is storytelling at its most theatrical. An image is worth more than a thousand words. In this way, Kirsanoff’s immaculate vision allowed the film to wear several masks in order to convey different emotions.
France, 1926 | 38 min., black and white | 1.33:1

Live musical accompaniment by Cinestesia – silent cinema played live, music collective specialized in performing live soundtracks for silent films (