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Curated by Carlotta Magistris

Coming of age means to become, namely a time of transition following what comes after a break, what shakes the foundations and what changes with no way back the sense of self and of the environment that determines it. It comes from the inside, from the outside, it turns on and off during every age of one’s own life, the ones bound to changes and the ones which are not.
Absolute Beginners is a selection of gazes, each unique, on the different shapes that this break can embody in the life of each person. There is love, growth, pain, addiction and death, harsh factors of the endless search for a self which is complex to build, to define and to place in an environment with which it seems more and more difficult to communicate.

Blaue Flecken (Bruises) by Martin Oliver Czaja, Germany, 2018
Bloeistraat 11 by Nienke Deutz, Belgium / The Netherlands, 2018
Braises by Estelle Gattlen, Sarah Rothenberger, Switzerland, 2018
Desaliento (Despondency) by Pinky Alonso, Spain, 2018
El Último Romántico by Natalia García Agraz, Mexico, 2018
Fauve by Jeremy Comte, Canada, 2018
Kado (The Gift) by Aditya Ahmad, Indonesia, 2018
Smáfuglar (Two Birds) by Rúnar Rúnarsson, Iceland, 2008
Touche Dièse (Hash Key) by Erwan Alépée, France, 2018
Verde by Victoria Rivera, Columbia, 2016
Yulia & Juliet by Zara Dwinger, Netherlands, 2018