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Thematic focus on the relation between human and nature
Curated by Claudia Praolini
We are all ecologists and what we are aiming for is an excellent ecology which is also good for our eyes and ears. Supernature is a journey through the natural territory in the pursuit of a landscape which embraces man and woman, finally synchronized on the rhythm of the cosmos.
The key to reconciliation goes through the birth of a new language, able to express our guilt at the same time the echo of the violated lands and waters. It is thanks to this Lingua Nova that new world maps will be drawn. The wind of devastation will be appeased. The spiral symbol will be the first written sign and will mean Mother. Supernature is dedicated to Uvanuk the Shaman, who was gifted with the word and became poetess, being thus able to tell the story of the world.
In collaboration with the Lago Film Festival

Kingdom, by Tan Wei Keong, Singapore, 2018
Maria de los Esteros, by Eugenio Borrero, Colombia, 2018
Rang Mahal, by Prantik Basu, India, 2018
Solar Walk, by Réka Bucsi, Danimarca/Ungheria, 2017
The flood is coming, by Gabriel Böhmer, UK/Svizzera, 2018
Tierra Mojada, by Juan Sebastián Mesa, Colombia, 2017
Umbra, by Florian Fischer e Johannes Krell, Germania, 2019