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This free course, addressed to 20 people with an age range from 16 to 24, will last 6 days full-time during the course of the Concorto Film Festival (21-26 August 2023). The final works will be screened during the final day of the festival. The theme will be cinema documentary: not just a simple genre drawing inspiration from reality to tell stories, but a special way for the filmmakers to connect with the reality they want to tell. The aim of this workshop is not only to create a finished short film, but also to ensure the participants a full experience.

This experience will start from an idea that will be developed together with the group through teamwork and comparison with other people’s opinions and experiences, in order to find a way to tell the story in a creative and impactful way. Finally, the participants will be able to present a finished film to the audience – one of the most fulfilling moments in the life of a creative talent. This workshop does not teach shooting and editing techniques – although there will be a chance to learn a lot about this field as well – it is rather a workshop on new ways to work with others, on hearing and making yourself heard, on telling a story and telling about yourself, on trust and courage.

Open for registration! To enroll, it is necessary to send a motivational letter to
Applications are open until July 31st.

For those who wish to participate but are not residents of the province of Piacenza, hostel accommodation at agreed-upon prices will be available (at the participant’s expense), or we will provide guidance for affordable accommodations.

Tomás Sheridan. His documentaries – ranging from the international co-productions to his small passion projects – appeared in several festivals around the world, often receiving awards and recognition, apart from being acquired and/or produced for TV channels in four different continents.

Born and raised in Turin, Tomás pursued film studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he currently works for his own production company Polifilm Media, which seeks to produce documentaries that show the public new points of view. In the latest years Polifilm’s social work went far beyond the screen and behind the camera where, thanks to the teaching of audiovisuals and narrative techniques, they have managed to reach people of any age, developing self-esteem and technical knowledge, and introducing many people to the world of film.