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GOLDEN DONKEY: Sog by Jonatan Schwenk, Germany
For the capacity to build up a unique world through animation and to propose an effective allegory of the conflict between History’s mechanisms and the single will.

JURY SPECIAL PRIZE: Prends mon poing (Fist) by Sarah Al Atassi, France
For the new and strong director’s style that allows powerful acting performances to analyse and mock a toxic and primitive virility.

JURY SPECIAL MENTION: Matria by Alvaro Gago, Spain
A simple and strong movie enlightened by a performance made of restrained emotions and expressions that convey with extreme clarity the character’s reasons.

JURY SPECIAL MENTION: All These Creatures by Charles Williams, Australia
For the complex symphony of images and sounds that burst out from the central theme, separation.

L’ONDA – YOUTH JURY AWARD: Min börda (The Burden) by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden
Due to the surprising mix of stop-motions and musical features which create a refined imagination and trigger a deep meditation on existential matters, the Youth Jury of Concorto Film Festival 2018 has decided to award the Onda prize to “Min börda” (The Burden).

YOUTH JURY SPECIAL MENTION: O Orfao (The Orphan) by Carolina Markowicz, Brazil
Furthermore, the Youth Jury of Concorto Film Festival 2018 wants to award the special mention to Kauan Alvarenga, protagonist of Carolina Markowick’s short film “O Órfão”, as we believe that his brilliant acting skills enrich and support the whole structure of an extremely enthralling and genuine film.

AUDIENCE AWARD: Kapitalistis by Pablo Munoz Gomez, Belgium