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In 2017 Concorto Film Festival and Lago Film Fest will work together on a special selection: 10 short films focused on the concept of border.

In the last few years we have come to think of borders as lines that can be crossed by some people but not by everyone. We can talk about political and geographical borders but we can also focus on invisible borders and boundaries dividing people.

This is a call for short films matching this idea. There is no specific submission for this category; the short films will be selected among the ones submitted for the 2017 editions of Concorto Film Festival and Lago Film Fest. The Borders selection, composed of 10 shorts, will be screened at both festivals and during other festivals and events in partnership with CFF and LFF. A specific Jury will award a prize of 800 € to the winner of this section.

To submit your film, click here.

Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy, July 21-29, 2017
Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure/Piacenza, Italy, August 19-26, 2017