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Workshop on linguistic analysis in preparation for the Youth Jury with Marina Spada

19-20 August 2017, Piacenza – For 9 participants (between the ages of 18 and 21)

The students selected to be part of the “Youth Jury” of Concorto will be able to participate in the course of director Marina Spada, dedicated to the study and understanding of cinematographic language. The objective of the course – which will last 16 hours, divided into two days – is to offer and strengthen the capacity to read cinematographic works to young jurors. The teacher will carry out a thorough analysis of films and short films, taking into careful consideration each shot and each editing cut, so as to detect the basic grammar which composes the entire filmic expression. Attention will be directed, from time to time, on different elements – directing, acting, sound, etc. – providing an analytical interpretation for every work taken into consideration.

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