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Asino d’Oro
Vytautas Katkus

Time is a force that no one can escape. Memory and nostalgia can turn into weights that want to prevent us from lifting off into new spheres. As much as the father wants to keep his little boy close to him, he can not stop time from flying. And even the Ode to Joy, that is persistently filling the air, can not over-bridge the growing distance between the ages. With lightness, tenderness and subtle humor the short allows us to witness the relationship and tension between different time dimensions. Beautifully composed imagery, richness of detail and a sophisticated soundscape are making this short the tasty cherry on a hot and golden summer day. The Asino d´Oro goes to “Cherries” by Vytautas Katkus.


Jury Grand Prix – Asino d’Argento
On Xerxes’ Throne
Evi Kalogiropoulou

A visually impressive and ambitious short, which explores – with a lot of poetry – a way of recovering tenderness and reconnecting with sensuality in a space where bodies are a prohibited ground, and flesh is a danger. By intertwining layers of time, by playing with both the mythical and the realness of the world, the film develops a mesmerising universe arousing the senses of the viewer. Touching on social dynamics and behaviours, it stands as a call for revolt in the softest way possible.  The Asino d’Argento goes to “On Xerxes’ Throne” by Evi Kalogiropoulou.


Jury special mention
Tchau Tchau
Cristele Alves Meira

Cinema at its best can be an amazing instrument in bringing people together, a place of solace and connection in the face of tragedy and loneliness. Driven by the magnetic performance of a (very) young actress we are sure to remember, the jury couldn’t leave unnoticed this touching short film that candidly brings to the big screen the aesthetics of our digitally mediated era in order to tell a bittersweet story about loss and togetherness.  The special mention of the Jury goes to “Tchau Tchau” by Cristele Alves Meira.


“L’Onda” Award – Young Jury
The Fourth Wall
Mahboobeh Kalaee

The Young Jury Prize goes to “Fourth Wall” by Mahboobeh Kalaee with the following motivation “The short film delivers a clear but not trivial message: fantasy as a means of escape. It stands out for its innovative and direct staging with which it addresses a recurring social theme. The use of different animation techniques enables, in fact, to best enter the psyche of the protagonist: a child who through play transforms conflicts and parental violence into a patriarchal system.


Special Mention – Young Jury
Will you look at me?
Shuli Huang

We also decided to give a special mention to “Will you look at me?” by Shuli Huang with the following motivation: “The jury would like to give a special mention to a sincere and genuine work that deals with issues close to our heart. The director’s investigation of her own experience turns into an occasion to tackle generational issues engagingly. Will you look at me is an exhausting question addressed to her mother and the world that neither can answer.


Audience Award
Partir un jour  (Bye Bye)
Amélie Bonnin