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SUPERNATURE – A thematic focus dedicated to the man-nature relationship

Curated by Claudia Praolini

Through the thematic focuses, the Concorto Film Festival aims to examine the phenomena and the aspects of our reality which represent a mirror of desires and contradictions that together form the complexity of human nature. In this year’s framework, something that simply could not miss is a research on the intricate relationship existing between man and nature through a series of short films that analyse it, also bearing in mind that nowadays the foundation of this relationship is the excessive use of resources and the fracture of a global balance, whose heavy consequences have already been registered for a long time now.

Our planet is at great risk due to the changes led by man, who has already modified 77% of landmass, often by dismembering nature in order to make space for residential, industrial or commercial areas, but also for livestock farming and agricultural activities. Only 23% of landmass remains intact and what the experts are worried about is the exponentially growing trend: from 1990 man has devastated 3.3 million square km of land. That part of land which is referred to as “wilderness” (by definition “wild nature”), meaning those areas where currently no human invasive activity has been registered, agriculture included, is constantly decreasing and represents only 23% of the whole planet.

Selected films:

Belle River, Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau and Yannick Nolin, Canada, Quebec, USA (2021)

Curupira E A Machina Do Destino (Curupira And The Machine Of The Destiny), Janaina Wagner, Brazil, France (2021)

Haulout, Evgenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaev, UK, Russia (2022)

Manong Ng Pa-Aling, E. Del Mundo, Phlippines, USA (2017)

Useless Opera Singers, Pable Serret De Ena, Danemark (2021)