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GEN Z – What they care aboutis the new out-of- competition and out-of-standard retrospective of Concorto Film Festival, a selection of some of the TikTok videos we believe best represent the Generation Z.

What are the themes they find most engaging? What are their political views? How do they relate with the rest of the world? How do they dress? And most of all, how do they communicate through the new audiovisual tools?

This could be the occasion to see your TikTok screened during our festival, taking place from the 21st to the 28th of August. If you have something to say about it and you believe your video might be what we are looking for, you can send it through this form. It can be both a TikTok you’ve already done or something brand new. Deadline, July the 3rd! 

Curated by Johnny Shock, Arono and Vanessa Mangiavacca