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It’s called Deep Night  but you can also call it Greenhouse Creeps: for this 2017 edition Concorto has decided to dedicate the midnight screenings to horror movies and to all the “scary” film genres.  17 shorts from all over the world for 4 nights that will give you the creeps, with unexpected twists and cult moments. At the Greenhouse Theatre in Parco Raggio you will meet zombies, ghosts, vampires (do not miss Jules D.‘s baby Dracula) and more: together with great horror classics you’ll find experimental shorts (the visionary Great Choice with Carrie Coon as protagonist – Nora from The Leftovers) and more pop digressions (Stacey and the Alien, Martien). Not to mention thrillers, with movies that will give us some of the best moments of this section, such as 16.03‘s adrenaline and Who do you love more, mom or dad?‘s cynicism; we bet your sleep will be somewhat affected. We await you at the greenhouse after midnight for the DEEP NIGHT, the best way to conclude your day at Concorto Film Festival.

The selected shorts
by Rael Montecucco e Alessandro Zucconi

16.03, Natalia Siwicka, Poland
BAD DOG, Tom Putnam, USA
BEHIND, Ángel Gómez Hernández, Spain
FE (Faith), Juan De Dios Garduño, Spain
GEORGE, Benjamin Gigon, France
GREAT CHOICE, Robin Comisar, USA
JE SUIS TOUT PRÉS (I’m very close), Raphael K, France
JULES D., Norma Vila, Spain
MARTIEN, Maxime Pilloniel, Switzerland
REWIND, Rubén Pérez Barrena, Spain
SAL (Salt), Diego Freitas, Brazil
STACEY AND THE ALIEN, Nelson Polfliet, Belgium
UN HOMBRE DULCE (A sweet man), Javier Chavanel, Spain
WANDERING SOUL, Josh Tanner, Australia
UM MA GA JOA? A PPA GA JOA?(Who do you love more, mom or dad?), Son Kwang Su, Korea