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As a little experiment we have put togheter a program of films that play with reality.

After watching this program we are sure you will be positive that on July 21, 1969, not only man reached the moon, but also something very special happened in the USA (Apollo 11 1/2); that there are people who hate Christmas so much they could do anything to stop it (The Christmas Light Killer); that an astronaut’s most difficult mission could be to find a stable relationship (Voyage Spatial); and that Sardinian piglets have something in common with Pontenure donkeys (Nurra’s Lil’ Pig)…

The selected shorts
by Alessandro Zucconi – Concorto Film Festival

Apollo 11 ½, Olaf Held, Germany, 2017
The Christmas Light Killer, James P. Gannon, USA, 2016
Maialetto della Nurra (Nurra’s Lil’ Pig), Marco Antonio Pani, Italy, 2016
Voyage Spatial, Guillermo A. Chaia, Canada, 2016