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Curated by Simone Bardoni

Here at Concorto Film Festival we have always been interested in exploring and divulging lesser-known films, and throughout the years we have dedicated geographical focuses to dozens of European and international countries. This year’s focus will be, once again, on South America. After Cuba, Argentina and Colombia, the territorial focus of the 22nd edition of Concorto will be dedicated to Brazil. Over the past few years we have witnessed a great increase in the production of remarkable Brazilian films, in visual research but also in the research of powerful content with a strong emotional charge. Brazilian movies have become some of the most interesting ones in the contemporary scene, both because of the unaffectedness of their visions dedicated to the present-day, and of their stylistic innovations – in the fiction area but also in animations and documentaries. A cinema that is social and intimate at the same time, that reflects the multi-faceted aspects of a complex country both in short and full-length films, highlighting the economic differences and the ethnic and political polarisations. Ranging from the everyday life drama and comedy, to crime and satire, the Focus Brazil of Concorto 2023 will deal with these visions during the week of the festival with a double screening.

Escasso by Clara Anastácia, Gabriela Gaia Meirelles, 2022
Fantasma Neon by Leonardo Martinelli, 2021
A Terra Em Que Pisa by Fauston da Silva, 2016
O Orfao by Carolina Markowicz, 2018
São Paulo Open Wound by Elizabeth Rocha Salgado, 2021
Vaca Profana by René Guerra, 2017