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22nd edition – AUGUST 19-26, 2023

After a long selection process among over two thousand films, we are happy to announce you the Official Selection of the 22nd edition of Concorto Film Festival.
41 short films that will compete for The Golden Donkey. 28 national premieres and 25 different countries featured.

Selection by the Artistic Direction of the Festival.
Simone Bardoni and Claudia Praolini

27 by Flóra Anna Buda, Hungary and France (2023)

Aaah! by Osman Cerfon, France (2023)

A Study Of Empathy by Hilke Rönnfeldt, Denmark and Germany (2023)

Before Leaving by Kunao Yan, China (2023)

Bolero by Nans Laborde-Jourdà, France and Italy (2023)

Das Rotohr (Red Ears) by Paul Drey, Germany (2022)

Greylands by Charlotte Waltert and Alvaro Schoeck, Switzerland (2023)

Eeva by Lucija Mrzijak e Morten Tsinakov, Estonia (2022)

El Secuestro De La Novia (The Kidnapping Of A Bride) by Sophia Mocorrea, Germany (2023)

File by Sonia K. Hadad, Iran (2022)

La Grande Arche by Camille Authouart, France (2023)

La Herida Luminosa (Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays) by Christian Avilés, Spain (2022)

La Robe by Olga Torrico, Italy (2022)

La Ultima Ascension by Kevin Osepa, Netherlands (2022)                     

Le Sabouteur by Anssi Kasitonni, Finland (2022)

Les Chenilles by Michelle Keserwany and Noel Keserwany, France (2022)

Midnight Skin by Manolis Mavris, France and Greece (2023)

Night Shift by Kayije Kagame and Hugo Radi, Switzerland (2023)

Nocturno Para Uma Floresta (Nocturne For A Forest) by Catarina Vasconcelos, Portugal (2022)

Nothing Holier Than A Dolphin by Isabella Margara, Greece (2022)

Nuit Blanches (Sleepless Nights) by Donatienne Berthereau, France (2022)

Pas Le Temps (Time’s Up) by Camille Lugan, France (2022)

Pássaro Memória (Called Memory) by Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil and United Kingdom (2023)

Pentola by Leo Černic, Italy (2022)

Resources Humaines by Trinidad Plass, Titouand Tillie e Isaac Wenzek, France (2022)

Ridder Lykke (Knight Of Fortune) by Lasse Lyskjær Noer, Denmark (2022)

Sardine by Johanna Caraire, France (2022)

Shera by Arun Fulara, India (2022)

Snow In September by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir, France and Mongolia (2022)

Souvenirs D’une Journée Parfaite (Memories Of A Perfect Day) by Davina Maria, Belgium, Lebanon, Portugal and Hungary (2022)

Takanakuy by Gustavo Bockos “Vokos”, Brazil (2023)

The Debutante by Elizabeth Hobbs, United Kingdom (2022)

The Devil by Jan Bujnowski, Poland (2022)

The Family Portrait by Lea Vidakovic, Croatia, Serbia and France (2023)

The Lovers by Carolina Sandvik, Sweden (2023)

The Miracle by Nienke Deutz, Belgium, Netherlands and France (2023)

Todo Incluido (All Inclusive) by Duvan Vargas, Columbia and France (2022)

Tondex 2000 by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti, France (2022)

Uncle Vakho’s Dream by Joanna Rój, Polonia, Georgia (2022)

When A Rocket Sits On The Launch Pad by Bohao Liu, China and United States (2023)

Wild Summon (Wild Salmon) by Karni Arieli and Saul Freed, United Kingdom (2023)

The full festival program will be available from August 10.

Tickets on sale on Eventbrite and at the entrance throughout the Festival.