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The Competition is the very core of Concorto. 
40 films that represent not only the direction cinema has taken in the last year, but especially the directions cinema will take in the near future. 
21 countries are represented, with a special attention to Europe, still the main place in which directors experiment new themes and languages. Of the 40 films in competition, 15 have never been screened in Italy before.

32-Rbit by Victor Orozco, Mexico
All These Creatures by Charles Williams, Australia ITALIAN PREMIERE
Ato San Nen by Pedro Collantes, France ITALIAN PREMIERE
Babies by Yuval Shapira, Israel ITALIAN PREMIERE
Câm Lặng (The Mute) by Thien An Pham, Vietnam
Counterfeit Kunkoo by Reema Sengupta, India
Crème De Menthe by Philippe David Gagné and Jean.Marc E.Roy Canada
Damiana by Andrés Pulido, Colombia ITALIAN PREMIERE
Drzenia (Tremors) by Dawid Bodzak, Poland ITALIAN PREMIERE
Ektoras Malo : I Teleftea Mera Tis Chronias (Hector Malot : The Last Day of the Year) by Jacqueline Lentzou, Greece ITALIAN PREMIERE
Euphoria by Natalia Pietsch, Poland
Futuro prossimo by Salvatore Mereu, Italy
Gaze by Farnoosh Samadi, Iran
Gros Chagrin (You Will Be Fine) by Céline Devaux, France
Intimity by Elodie Dermange, Switzerland
Jerry by Roman Przylipiak, Poland
Kali by David Krippendorff, Germany ITALIAN PREMIERE
Kapitalistis by Pablo Munoz Gomez, Belgium
La giornata by Pippo Mezzapesa, Italy
La Persistente by Camille Lugan, France ITALIAN PREMIERE
Ligne Noire (The Black Line) by Mark Olexa, and Francesca Scalisi, Switzerland
Magic Alps by Andrea Brusa e Marco Scotuzzi, Italy
Marguerite by Marianne Farley, Canada
Matria by Alvaro Gago, Spain
Min börda (The Burden) by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden
Mon amour, mon ami by Adriano Valerio, Italy
Negative Space by Max Porter, France
O Orfao (The Orphan) by Carolina Markowicz, Brasil ITALIAN PREMIERE
Pauline Asservie by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet, France ITALIAN PREMIERE
Peggie by Rosario Cappozzolo, Italy
Poisson de mars (March Fool) by Pierre-Marc Drouin and Simon Lamarre-Ledoux, Canada ITALIAN PREMIERE
Prends mon poing (First) by Sarah Al Atassi, France
Schächer by Flurin Giger, Switzerland ITALIAN PREMIERE
Sex at the Ski Center by Heikki Ahola, Finland ITALIAN PREMIERE
Sog by Jonatan Schwenk, Germany
Tiikeri (The Tiger) by Mikko Myllylahti, Finland ITALIAN PREMIERE
Ugly by Nikita Diakur, Germany
Vihta by François Bierry, Belgium
Хamca (The Hamsa) by Gadzhimurad Efendiev, Russia
Yan Bian Shao Nian (On The Border) by Shujun Wei, China ITALIAN PREMIERE