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Visa pour l’Afrique aims to explore the huge African continent through a number of movies which describe the distinctive culture, traditions and landscapes of Africa’s various countries, creating a map as wide as possible. We don’t want to focus our attention on the contemporary phenomenon of migration, considering that this issue, though important and involving millions of people every year, is only one of the phenomena affecting contemporary geopolitics.
This time, what we want to highlight is Africa’s cultural heritage, the beauty of its landscapes, the virtues and the contradictions of a group of countries often associated with war and poverty. We invite our audience to obtain a visa (the one every dreamer get) and leave with Concorto for a Grand Tour which will bring us to the lands of our most ancient roots. You’ll have to learn new words: you’ll need them to list the many ways in which the sand accumulate, swirling in the desert, or to describe the dazzling colors of a nature and a land all too often left behind.

Black America Again by Bradford Young, Usa, 2016
Condrong by Gonçalo Almeida, UK, 2016
Dem Dem! by Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia, Christophe Rolin, Belgium, Luxembourg, Senegal, 2017
Happy Today by Giulio Tonincelli, Italy and France, 2017
Initiation by Teboho Edkins, Germany, South Africa, Lesotho, 2016
Mama Bobo by Robin Andelfinger & Ibrahima Seydi, Belgium, 2017