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The out-of-competition programme presents a particularly wide spectrum of different short films this year.

The 2015 FOCUS will be devoted to IRAN, and will present short films characterized by a simple and effective realism, that remains vivid in the viewers’ memory.

Another retrospective will feature a selection of films produced by the French production and distribution company AUTOUR DE MINUIT, created in 2001 by Nicolas Schmerkin. Films produced or distributed by Autour de Minuit have won more than 200 awards in festivals worldwide, including the 2010 Academy Award for Best Animated Short, and the 2011 Prix César for Best Short Film.

We will continue with an homage to SILHOUETTE, a Short Film Festival taking place in Paris. The partnership we have put in place this year will culminate with a presentation on August 29th of some Concorto films at Silhouette and some Silhouette films at Concorto. Our audience will have the chance to see the films by five talented young French filmmakers, which will show us a surprising kaleidoscope on the future of French cinema.

Other 20 out of competition films complete the program. They will be screened in two charming locations: in the late afternoon in Piacenza, at the ex-Enel palace belonging to the Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano, and for the midnight screenings in the Teatro Serra of Parco Raggio in Pontenure.

Futile Garden, by Ghazaleh Soltani, Iran, 19′
More Than Two Hours, by Ali Asgari, Iran, 15′
My Last Child, by Pouria Siminpour, Iran, 13′
Tehran-Geles, by Arash Nassiri, France/Iran, 18′
The Fish and I, by Babak Habibifar, Iran, 5′

Baobab, by Nicolas Loesner, Anaëlle Moreau, Marina Steck, Simon Taroni, Benjamin Tron, France, 2012, 7′
Beast, by Cyril Bossmann, Pauline Menigot, Manon Grabette, Karim Hafa, Hadrien Ottevaere, France, 2014, 8′
Bendito Machine V, by Jossie Malis, Spain, 2014, 12′
Chaude Lapin, by Alexis Magaud, Soline Béjuy, Maël Berreur, Géraldine Gaston, Flora Andrivon, France, 2014, 5′
Le Labyrinthe, by Mathieu Labaye, France, 2013, 9′
Leucotopia, by Mehdi Louala, Geoffrey Godet, Nicolas Lejeune, Céline Hermann, Simon Legrand, France, 2013, 8′
Lonely Bones, by Rosto, France/Netherlands, 2013, 10′
Sahara, by Jérémie Faé, Arthur Morin, Georgia Noël Wolinski, Laure Petrini, Caroline Tarrago, France, 2014, 8′
The Race, by Michaël Le Meur, France, 2015, 15′
Ulysse, by Hugo Bodoukian Meyrant, Martin Chabannes, Anne Labadie, Candice Theuillon, France, 2013, 8′

Archipels, granites dénudés, by Daphné Hérétaki, France/Greece, 26′
Cavalier Seul, by Mathilde Delunay, France, 20′
Kiss me not, by Inès Loizillon, France, 28′
Sillon 672, by Bastien Dupriez, France, 5′
Vous voulez une histoire, by Antonin Peretjatko, France, 10′

8 Balles (8 Bullets), by Frank Ternier, France,13′
Chulyen, Histoire de Corbeau (Chulyen, a Crow’s Tale), by Agnès Patron, France, 20′
Dissonance, by Till Nowak, Germany, 15′
Galau (A Man at Sea), by Sandeep Ray, USA, 14′
Hot Nasty Teen, by Jens Assur, Sweden, 40′
I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining, by Jesse McLean, USA, 14′
Jag Vill Na Dig (I Turn to You), by Victor Lindgren, Sweden, 16′
Kaantopaikka (Turnaround), by Aino Suni, Finland, 9′
Killer?, by David White, New Zealand, 9′
L’Archéologue, l’Archive et les Alchimistes (The Archaeologist, the Archive and the Alchemists), by Maxime Fuhrer, Belgium, 20′
Last Train Home, by Ansgar Glatt, Germany, 19′
Panorama, by Gianluca Abbate, Italy, 7′
Recycling, by Paola Bristot, Italy, 14′
Ser e Voltar (To Be and To Come Back), by Xacio Bano, Spain, 14′
Share (Share), by Pippa Bianco, USA, 11′
Symphony n. 42, by Reka Busci, Hungary, 10′
Territoire (Territory), by Vincent Paronnaud, France, 23′
That Day of the Month, by Jirassaya Wongsutin, Thailand, 30′
The Bigger Picture, by Daisy Jacobs, UK, 8′
They Call Us the Enemy, by Pim Zwier, Netherlands, 7′