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During these years, Concorto’s presence in Piacenza has become more and more important: courses, en plein air projections in yards and streets, the opening of the festival’s headquarters – Cinematica – in 2011. When we discovered, almost by chance, the hidden jewel of Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, we knew exactly what to do: the dramatic perspective of the iron gates, the garden – with its twisted yews and age-old trees, the decadent majesty of the neodoric greenhouse, all this makes Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli a cinematographic location and, therefore, the perfect setting of Concorto Opening Party. With Palazzo Farnese and Palazzo Ex-Enel, this location – now the festival’s headquarters – will be one of the places in Piacenza that will host the many events of this 14th edition. 
From the greenhouse of Parco Raggio to the greenhouse of Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, we will reveal the hidden charm of these forgotten places thanks to the magic of cinema.
A buffet, two concerts – Les Touches Louches and Ants – for a not-to-miss event in a fascinating location illuminated by the exterior design enhancements of Santafabbrica.

Join us at the Concorto Opening party: August 21st, villa and greenhouse of Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli (vicolo Serafini 12, Piacenza), 9 pm. 

9 pm Les Touches Louches – popular swing
10:30 pm Ants

Free entry.