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26/08, 2 pm – Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli (PC)
It is quite common to make a video, put it on youtube, share it and get loads of comments and “likes”. But, to go pro, what’s the role of creativity and technique?
During this workshop we will analize how viral videos can be used on social networks.
It is not necessary nor fundamental to be a creative when making a viral video; nevertheless, it is of utmost importance to master tools and techniques to deal with 2 key elements: content and its diffusion.
To go viral is not a matter of just mere intuition and originality, but in fact it is a perfect mix of creativity, technical elements (title, description, tags) and distribution strategy (how to expand its reach and share factor).
After a theoretical part (with powerpoint), we will sketch a viral video that might be used for one of the Zooppa’s communication campaigns.
Info & admittance: