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26th August 2022
Concorto Film Festival

Secolo nostro | Circulata melodia is an all-new live soundtrack of the movie Secolo nostro by Artavazd Pelešjan, which premiered at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi (Venice) on June 1, 2022. The project, curated by other formats, originates from the encounter between the Armenian director’s cinema and Furtherset’s electronic music. The result is a counterpoint montage of sounds and images in adversarial alliance, where the electronic music composer dresses the sound aspect of the highest example of Pelešjan’s cinema in his own way in his re-edited 30-minute version.


An ecstatic exhibition of propellers and wings, where biplanes and dirigibles, parachutists and aviators, crowds and triumphant marches run like rockets under showers of confetti toward space,thus celebrating the 20th century’s challenge to the law of gravity. However, there is also no shortage of the dark side of man’s ambition in the air: aerial bombings and an anthology of the plane crash, a faithful summary of a century of dreams -often betrayed- as great as its tragedies. Ascents and falls are doubled by musical editing in a climax concentrated in the blink of an eye of a man suspended in the sky. An art of flight beyond the human and into oneself, where the only possible human word is restrained and the language of cinema is the one speaking.

Furtherset is the musical project of Tommaso Pandolfi, who has been active since 2011, when he debuted on the national circuit playing live at the three main Italian festivals of electro- nical music at the time – Club to Club, Dancity and Dissonanze. His music and live performances are an open invitation to immerse oneself in a sound world built relentlessly from layered and enveloping harmonies, moving modulations and sampled vocals. In 2015, the year of the release of the album “No Logic No Death” (White Forest Records), he was selected at the Paris e- diction of the Red Bull Music Academy. He is currently linked to the Swiss label -OUS, with which he released the EPs “Auras” (2022), “To Alter and Affect” (2018) and “Drawings of Desire and Hate” (2018), as well as the album “To Live Tenderly Anew” (2020).