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Friday 28th August at Parco Raggio
Stefano Pilia and Paolo Spaccamonti – “Man with a Movie Camera”.
Live sonorization of the 1929 Soviet masterpiece, directed by Dziga Vertov.

Two years after C.T. Dreyer’s Vampyr projected with live sonorization during Concorto, Paolo Spaccamonti comes back with an new scoring.
Man with a Movie Camera, directed by Soviet director Dziga Vertov, is a landmark for the constructivist Soviet cinema, a swirling mosaic about the man-camera utopia. Despite its undoubted success, this silent movie classic has never been projected with the music score that Vertov himself had imagined for the film, and that was performed only during the first projection.
The musicians Stefano Pilia and Paolo Spaccamonti, after their experience with C.T. Dreyer’s Once Upon a Time and more recently with Erich von Stroheim’s masterpiece Greed (both produced by Turin’s National Museum of Cinema), meet up again on stage, this time as a duo, to give voice and sound to one of the last Soviet’s avant-garde cinematographic works.

STEFANO PILIA: electric and electronic guitar
PAOLO SPACCAMONTI: electric guitar

Stefano Pilia is a guitarist and electroacoustic composer from Genoa. His carrier starts from instrumental performance practice and recording and production jobs. Through the study of sound’s synesthetic properties, of its connection with space, time and memory, he has carried out a research always aimed at sound experience as a possibility of philosophic and creative exploration. Apart from his solo work, he is one of the founders of the 3/4HadBeenEliminated group, a combination of improvisation, electroacoustic composition and avantrock sensitivity. He plays with ZU, with the psychedelic quartet In Zaire, with David Grupps and Andrea Belf in the BGP trio, in “Sogno del Marinaio” with the legendary Mike Watt at the bass guitar and Paolo Mongardy on drums, and with guitarist Alessandra Novaga. From 2008 to 2016 he’s been part of the Massimo Volume, from 2012 guitarist of Mali’s star Rokia Traoré and from 2015 he’s been part of the Afterhours. He has frequently worked on music scores (both live and physical) for theatre productions, readings, films, installations and art videos (Gianluigi Toccafondo, Angela Bullock, Zimmerfrei, Nico Vascellari, Edoardo Gabbriellini, Homemovies, Wuming, Emidio Clementi). He has collaborated with artists and musicians like Katia and Marielle Labeque, John Parish, David Tibet, Phill Niblock, Oren Ambarchi, Marina Rosenfeld, Valerio Tricoli, Z’ev, Black Forest Black Sea, Rhys Chatam, Starfuckers, David Maranha, Damo Suzuki, Manuel Mota, Giuseppe Ielasi, Julia Kent and many others. He has released more than 400 discographic works with many Italian and foreign record companies (Nonesuch, Die-Schachtel, Presto?!, Drag City, Bluechopstick, Hapna, LastVisibleDog, Sedimental, Soleilmoon, 8mm, Black Truffle, …)

Paolo Spaccamonti, guitarist and music composer, has built
in only ten years a first range carrier in the Italian avant-garde
world thanks to a now very rich discography, made both of solo albums (Volume
quattro, Rumors) and collaborations with Italian (Stefano Pilia, Mombu, adoptive Italian Paul Beauchamp) and foreign musical excellencies, for example with Einstürzende Neubaten’s Jochen Arbeit with whom he signed CLN in 2018. Apart from recorded albums, his other works include readings, television (RAI production “I mille giorni di mafia capitale” together with Riccardo Sinigallia), cinema (“I Cormorani”, “Lo spietato”) and silent films (Greed, Vampyr) plus a number of prestigious live collaborations with musicians like Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance), Jim White (Dirty Three), Julia Kent, Damo Suzuki (Can), Emidio Clementi (Massimo Volume), Tax (Negazione), Alessandro Asso Stefana, Xabier Iriondo and artists/performers like the photographer Jacopo Benassi, Masbedo, Donato Sansone, Michela Lucenti / Balletto Civile, Valter Malosti and sound designer Gup Alcaro.