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curated by Isabella Carini and Chiara Granata

For the third year running, Concorto Film Festival will be accessible to people with hearing and motor disabilities, here this year’s trailer.

The CONCORTO ACCESSIBLE 2023 project is the result of a journey that began with pilot project [SEEING VOICES] in 2021, whose aim was making films accessible for all. Over the years the project has grown: all the venues have been made accessible to people with motor disabilities, all films are screened with subtitles for deaf audiences (which include, in addition to dialogues, all elements necessary for comprehension and relevant to deaf culture), sign language interpreting and sign language reception service are always provided.

Local institutions and associations were involved, such as ENS (Italian National Agency for the Deaf) and Al.Di.Qua.Artists (an association of artists and art workers with disabilities). Thanks to this joint effort, today Concorto is the first Italian short film festival fully accessible to people with different disabilities.

One of the key moments of the project will be a talk, hosted on Friday, August 25, on the representation and presence of people with disabilities in the film industry and in the performing arts. Guest speakers will be Noah Zoratti (disability rights activist and founder of the Sistemabile project), Martina Rebecca Romano (deaf Sign Language interpreter and performer) and Dalila D’Amico (member of Al.Di.Qua.Artists and author of the book Lost in translationLa disabilità in scena). It will be an opportunity to talk about ableism, stereotypes, barriers, and what can be done to be part of the transition towards a more inclusive society. Here this year’s program.

The project is supported by:
8 per Mille Chiesa Valdese
Pio Istituto dei Sordi di Milano
Fondazione Piacenza e Vigevano
ENS – Consiglio Regionale Emilia-Romagna