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A workshop with Tomás Sheridan
August 20-27 2016, Piacenza
For 15-20 participants
Age 16-20


The workshop aims at teaching elements of cinema history and tecnique in order to produce three or four short docs to be screened at the end of Concorto Film Festival 2016.
The main goal is to foster group work, team building and experience sharing in a creative process.

There will be no directors since everyone will be part of the “directional process” of the movie.
However, as in all cinema productions, all the other roles will be covered by participants: camera operators, editing, sound, producers.

Tomás Sheridan
Tomás Sheridan is an award winning, UK-based documentary director and producer who uses film to explore human relationships, social change and the place of individuals in a global society.
Tomás was born in Turin, Italy in 1982.

In 2008, backed by Scottish Screen, UK Film Council and BBC Scotland the made his first documentary entitled Archive of Dreams which went on to win prizes both in Edinburgh and Turin (Italy) as well as screening in half a dozen festivals across Europe and the US.

His next short documentary, Radiostan was shot and edited in four weeks travelling across Central Asia and Russia and won the silver Mikeldi at Zinebi Festival in Bilbao as well as screening at over 20 international festivals and being sold for broadcast to Canal+ France.

He then graduated onto long-form documentary projects and TV commissions with Babytrapped, completed for Current TV in 2011,it follows the trials and tribulations between a couple who’s been going out for a few weeks and finds out a baby is on the way.
Current projects include Livingston Lives, commissioned by West Lothian Council to celebrate Livingston New Town’s 50th anniversary, very much a documentary about people in this artificially formed community fifty year’s after the first bricks were laid down and Roman Postcards, a short documentary in pre-production to be shot in Rome in spring 2014 under the Fellowship24 residency scheme, a collaboration between Creative Scotland and The British School at Rome.

In between his many work-related travels (which make his carbon-footprint a bit bigger than he’d like it to be) Tomás Sheridan lives happily with his family in Edinburgh, Scotland.