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Curated by Rael Montecucco

There’s no Concorto without midnight screenings. And there is no midnight screenings without the DEEP NIGHT spot. The date with the most extreme and particular cinema will recur again this year and during three nights (in the beautiful setting of Parco Raggio’s greenhouse) will try to give goose bumps to Concorto’s audience. Deep Night is a journey between horror and thriller, nightmare and surreal, with a glimpse to grotesque and black comedy. Twelve short films from every part of the world which vary between classical cinema (e.g. the dreamlike Deja Vu and the catchy Oppassen), liminal cinema (the surreal and stunning Botanica) and even touch on the scope of the most fierce satira (Conte Cruel) and actual political cinema (PYOTR495). In short, it’ll be fun once again!

BOTANICA by Loozen Noël, The Netherlands, 2017
CONTE CRUEL, UN DIMANCHE A LA CHASSE by Hugues Guéguen, France, 2017
DEATH METAL by Chris McInroy, USA, 2016
DEJÁ VU by Labonté LeMoyne Olivier, Canada, 2017
FUCKING DRAMA by Podogil Michael, Austria, 2017
HYPOCONDRIAQUE by Steve Landry Carnior, Canada, 2018
OPPASSEN by Nasr Shariff, The Netherlands, 2017
PYOTR495 by Blake Mawson, Canada, 2016
SMEAR by Kate Herron, UK, 2017
THE COUPLE ENJOY A BATH di John Angus Stewart, Australia, 2017
THE ELECTRIC CHAIR by Eugeny, Zverev Russia, 2017
WRITER’S BLOCK by Alex Mendez Giner, Messico/USA/Venezuela, 2017