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curated by Margherita Fontana

Guilty Pleasures, the focus on eros and pleasure seen through the lens of feminist thought, returns to Concorto for its third edition. This year’s selection features heterogeneous visual languages, ranging from psychedelic animation to observational documentary, including satire, fashion film and dramatic fiction. Perhaps more than ever, this year’s selection covers sexuality in a dark coat, a reflection of the sexophobia that seems to have taken over our society, which, despite still “showing everything”, tends to hide the political and transformative power of sexuality.

On the contrary, the short works we will show explore, sometimes lightly but sometimes bitingly and intensely, some of the many layers – joyful and traumatic, hereditary and spontaneous – that contribute to the shaping of each person’s sex: a complex territory, an unprecedented geography that more than ever demands to be explored outside of pre-established categories.

Awkward Intimacy by Emma Jude Harris and Emily Steck, United Kingdom, 2022
Carne by Juan Diego Aguirre Gómez, Columbia, 2022
Eating In The Dark by Inari Sirola, United Kingdom, 2021
La Chose Extatique by Benjamin Nuel, France, 2022
Le Sexe De Ma Mère by Francis Canitrot, France, 2023
Mother Prays All Day Long by Hoda Taheri, Germany, 2022
Trade Center by Adam Baran, United States, 2021
Dinner For 2 – Breakfast For 1 by Kristína Žilinčárová, Slovakia, 2022