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Asino d’Oro (Golden Donkey, first prize)
Night Shift
Dir. Kayije Kagame and Hugo Radi

For its compelling execution and evocative visual storytelling, Night Shift impressively combines powerful performances and striking imagery, while maintaining its minimalistic approach to dialogue. The result is a subtle cinematic experience that explores the influence and dynamics between characters and their surroundings. By removing the sense of time and space, it offers a fresh viewpoint on gender roles.

Jury Special Award
The Lovers
Dir. Carolina Sandvik

What is fake and what remains true in a world dominated by virtuality and lack of identity? This film explores the inconsistency of the bodies in a world full of bizarre and absurdity. Its bluntness and lack of intimacy manage to surprise us.

Special Mention

Dir. Johanna Caraire

A film about intimacy between women and the relationship between human beings and nature. When loneliness interferes with social relationships, memory with the sense of adventure, and grief with the joy of life.

L’Onda – Young Jury Award

Dir. Johanna Caraire

The Onda Award goes to Sardine: Johanna Caraire managed to create an authentic narrative about loss, as well as an epic depiction of the female body’s liberation from centuries of pain through healing and rebirth. What stands out are the stylistic eclecticism and the fusion of different perspectives and narratives, yet not conflicting.

Young Jury Special Mention
Dir. Flóra Anna Buda

The Young Jury awards a Special Mention to 27 by Flóra Anna Buda, who successfully narrated the complex transition to adulthood through the use of a psychedelic animation that fluctuates between being awake and dreaming, reflecting the desire and difficulty of real life.

Audience Award