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Curated by Claudia Praolini
Ubik is an out-of-competition part of the festival, where the works with the most innovative language find their natural spot. Whereas the aim of short films experimenting new ways of expression has always been one of the core criterion for selecting and evaluating all the films competing at Concorto, the Ubik ones push the limit a bit further, in less-charted territories, where the border between cinema and video fades away. It is a kind of cinema which talks about itself, a cinema which turns its eye towards itself, revealing with no shame the mechanisms upon which video-recording is based. A kind of cinema which, conscious of its structures and language, decides to “unveil the trick”, but exactly thanks to this process, turns the viewing into opaque, as if meta-cinema were a lens which works the other way around, capable of blurring the layers of which reality is made and the experience of viewing itself.

Cadavre exquis by Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy, France, 2018
Find Fix Finish by Sylvain Cruiziat, Germany, 2017
Je me souviens de Sunderland by Felix Fattal, France, 2017
La chute (The Fall) by Boris Labbé, France, 2018
Le Tigre de Tasmanie by Vergine Keaton, Germany, 2018
Shadow Nettes by Phillip Barker, Canada, 2017
Umbral by Ana Lobato, Brazil, 2017
99 Steps left from the square by Eker Sevgi, Finland, 2017